The Keeper Series

When Elizabeth Knight meets a boy with a peculiar book on the streets near her apartment, she gets a little worried. When she wakes up the next morning in a totally different world, well... She starts to question her sanity.

Elizabeth is whisked away to Aon, a kingdom full of danger and mystery, with Edward, the boy from the streets. Turns out, he happens to be the prince-- which she learns that it makes her a target by association.

Before she can comprehend what’s going on, she’s told that Edward's book is hers, she’s being called the ‘Keeper’ and she’s handed the task of defeating the dark, hooded figure called the Night Rider, who wants nothing more than absolute power. 

As impossible secrets unravel and the stakes grow higher, Elizabeth is faced with protecting the kingdom, and most of all, protecting herself, knowing that one accident could send her away from Aon forever and leave the people she cares about defenseless.

Keeper: The Battle of Kingdoms

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Keeper: The Blood Revolution