Meet Reed Davis, king of the social ladder at Greenville High School, mechanical enthusiast and jock extraordinaire. Reed has never been the type to like girls-- he's the type to be liked.

Enter September Jones.

September Jones is unlike any girl Reed has laid eyes on. She's intelligent, beautiful, and the first girl that's ever rejected him. She's perfect in every sense of the word... except for one tiny problem.

After a year of finally reining in a close relationship with September, she breaks the news that she's leaving and moving across the world to finish school.

As September packs her bags, Reed is faced with the choice of asking her to give up her dreams for his sake or letting his first real love slip from his grasp.

September was leaving.
Jack says it's more like September was passing through anyway, but that's not the way I saw it at all. In my mind, she was going to be here forever. In my mind, she was going to be here for me.