What will beta reading be like for me?

After betas are selected, each beta will be sent the book a chapter at a time. You'll read the chapter, and then when you're finished, contact me. I'll conduct a live interview either through Gmail or Facebook. I'll ask questions about the story line, what you thought of characters, etc. Once we're finished with a chapter and I have sufficient data, I'll send you another chapter.

Sorry, but no. I'll accept betas that I feel will give me good information about what they've read. I'm looking for more than just a "yes" or an "I liked it". 

A beta reader is someone who volunteers to read a manuscript or other work before it is published. Beta readers read to provide feedback on the storyline and characters as well as help the author find inconsistencies.

​Want to be a Beta Reader?

(Most of these requirements come from Shaelin Bishop's requirements because I strongly agree with them. You can find Shaelin Bishop here.) Remember that when you read any other book, it is for yourself and only yourself. However, when you beta read for a writer it is to benefit both yourself AND to help the author. Beta reading is not just a chance to get to read my book in advance, I am counting on you to help me improve my novel.

1. Someone who is a thoughtful, active reader; and who enjoys reading and does so a lot.

2. Someone who is able to provide detailed, thorough feedback.

3. Someone who is able to express the why to their feelings on a book. For example, 'I liked the main character' is not useful feedback. I am looking for someone who can tell me why they liked the main character, for example: 'I liked the main character because she was witty but still very genuine, and I connected because she showed vulnerability, but she was strong enough to handle the situation.'

4. Someone who can clearly articulate their thoughts to me.

5. Someone who will complete the review on time. This is very important. If you cannot complete the review in a decent amount of time, please do not sign up. If you decide you can't continue being a beta reader, let me know; it's not fun to wait for a beta response that will never come.

6. Someone who understands the difference between being critical and being mean. Be respectful of my work. I am open to criticism, but please critique respectfully.

7. Someone who actually intends to read the book. 

8. Someone who does not mind reading a second draft, meaning it has not been professionally edited and so there will be typos (you do not have to correct them, simply ignore them).

9. Someone who will respect that my work is important to me and will not share or distribute it without my consent.

10. Someone who wants to read this book because it genuinely interests them and it is something they would read.

What makes a good beta reader?

Click the link at the bottom of the page to read the sample chapter. After you have read it, fill out the typeform below and answer all of the questions. You will be asked to critique the chapter you read based on questions listed on the chapter page and your personal reading experience. 

What are beta readers?

Do you accept everyone who applies to be a beta reader?

Current manuscript for beta reading:

How do I become a beta reader?

A good beta reader provides full and detailed answers to questions provided by the author. They give honest feedback and constructive criticism. A good beta reader is not offensive to the author; constructive criticism is supposed to help the author, not insult them.

I'm not currently accepting applications, but check back in the future!

So, what are you looking for in a beta?